Having insurance coverage to protect you from homeowner's legal
liability is as important as having fire insurance. 

Because you can be held legally liable for incidents that occur both at your home and also away form your home, Your home, future income, inheritances, etc. can all be at risk. The reality is, the more assets you have or will have, the more "sueable" you are. You have to think in terms of your current and future "economic value" to understand your risk.
Here is How Can You Insulate Yourself From Legal Liability Risk.

Fortunately, a comprehensive homeowners liability policy can cover you for both judgments and legal defense costs as well. You can obtain this type of coverage as a part of a homeowners's insurance package plan or as a stand-alone coverage. It can cover other locations you own too.

You Could be Sued if Fire Spreads From Your Home to Others.

 As you know, the jurisdiction you live in probably has brush clearance requirements. If at anytime it could be shown that you were not fully compliant with those rules, you could be found negligent and from that become
responsible for fire spreading from your property to a neighbors home.

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What About Mega Lawsuits?

The economic value of an injury can include not only medical bills but also lost wages,
pain and suffering, and litigation fees. It can all easily add up to 3-4 times the 
medical bills. Six or even seven figure judgments can happen. A client of our 
agency unfortunately had a balcony collapse during a party.

Is Catastrophic Liability Coverage Expensive?

Experts say that for coverage needs over $1,000,000 a cost effective way to
purchase catastrophic legal liability coverage is in layers. Depending upon
how high you need to go, several layers may be need. Fortunately,
with each successive one million dollar layer, the price usually falls.

Other Related Issues.

If you work out of your home and/or employ outside labor to work on or at 
your home, you could be held legally responsible for the cost of injuries 
sustained at or even away from your home even if persons claim to be
so called "independent contractors". 

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