Are You Ready to Try and Get Off of Fair Plan Now?

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Fair Plan insurance was never intended to be anything other than a last option for consumers who are at risk of losing their home loan if insurance cannot be found. 

Are you prepared to pay all of the out of pocket costs caused by all of the NOT COVERED ITEMS on the spreadsheet?

This is the true cost of having Fair Plan is the premium plus these potential costs, which can be many times the premium. There is nothing wrong with self-insuring, if you can afford it.  But what you need to know to make that decision, is how large or small these out of pocket expenses will likely be? Then and only then can you decide what to do, and how to prioritize when it is based on facts.

You don't have to fill ALL of your coverage gaps. Depending on market conditions, you may be able to pick and chose insurance policies to fill just the gaps you deem important. For some people, this is the way to go.

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We have helped hundreds of high fire hazard area residents obtain regular insurance or specialized coverage tailored to your particular needs and budget.