There is not ever going to be another major earthquake in California* ...
so you don't have to worry about it at all.*

( * According to 88% of California residents who don't have earthquake coverage anymore )

A lower percentage of CA homeowners now carry earthquake insurance than before the Northridge earthquake. (12% now, 20% then.)
They are betting their homes that an earthquake equal or greater will not happen again. 

Their break even on this bet, is about 250 years
. **

If you don't like the odds, consider getting a


 from a California admitted insurance Co.

Note: The CEA - California Earthquake Authority  is NOT an admitted insurance company in California 
If you now have CEA earthquake insurance, you are not protected by the California Insurance Guarantee Assn.

To research California earthquake data click here to go to the
USGS California Page.

** Assumes the cost of insuring a $250,000 home for earthquake is $1000/yr.